Having the right glasses is like wearing a fine tailored suit.  It just looks perfect…like it was made for you. 

Fit is important in clothes and shoes - people do seem to get that, but it is also the most important thing when it comes to FRAME CHOICE.


A poorly-fitted frame…can be painful because the nose-pads aren’t adjusted correctly, or the temples are digging in behind your ears and are giving you a nagging headache.  The frames can be sitting incorrectly on your cheeks because the bridge is all wrong for your facial structure. 

And if you’re wearing a multi-focal lens, and the frame is not adjusted properly, you could be looking through the wrong part of your prescription all together!

 We, at Schatan Optical Gallery, take the time to make sure the frame is right for you.  It is our absolute specialty.  We are able to identify your needs, whether you know them or not.  If you have inherited the family’s regal nose, or your aunt’s uneven ears, or need a frame or lens depth that comes low enough to a certain “bag line”…we know, and we’ll find the “perfect fit”.

The other aspect to FIT that comes to mind is personal style.  If you’ve got your own unique flair, we’d love to assist and inspire! We love glasses so much and love to fit a person who has their own style with eyewear that will fit their lifestyle and taste.


If you are that person who puts time and effort into choosing their shoes and jewelry, or puts their makeup on perfectly or styles their hair just so, and loves details of clothing or fine watches…why should that self-expression stop at the place people will focus most? 

Put that same time and energy into choosing a piece of fashionable art that you can actually improve your vision with!  What a concept!  We get it, you don’t want to look like everyone else.  We think you’re special too.


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