From small independent brands like Los Angeles based Traction Productions to famed International luxury brands like Chopard or Oliver Goldsmith, Schatan Optical Gallery is obsessed with quality, style and the attention to detail that you just can’t find in mass produced eyewear.

With over 50 years experience in the eyewear industry we have developed strong relationships with these brands, many of them family run businesses, which gives us access to the latest styles that you won’t find on “Main Street”.

While we always look forward to the new styles from brands like Lafont and Lunor, we are constantly on the lookout for new brands to bring to our customers. Check out our current range from the brands menu above.


Schatan Optical Gallery was established in 1988, in Torrance, CA. The shop was first designed to double as an art gallery at night. The open cabinets on piano-like hinges, that displayed glasses during the day, would be closed at night, so that the art that hung on the walls would be on full display for the art parties that carried on in the later hours.

Then came time for the art to go, and even more eyewear to be displayed, mirrors and better lighting to be installed, all for the better to see, and to see yourself in a wonderful pair of glasses.

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