Concerning your eyes….you should know the difference between these professionals:

Optician…a person qualified to read and interpret prescriptions for visual correction, orders lenses, and dispenses eyeglasses.  The optician would be similar to your pharmacist filling the RX that your doctor wrote.

Optometrist…a specialist licensed to practice optometry.  This doctor checks your eyes, refracts them, writes a prescription for glasses or contact lenses, if necessary, and if he/she detects anything that may need more attention, or a closer look, they will refer you to an ophthalmologist.

Ophthalmologist…a physician who specializes in ophthalmology.  This is a medical doctor trained to deal with the structure, functions, and diseases of the eye.

We, at SCHATAN OPTICAL GALLERY, are Registered and Licensed Dispensing Opticians.  We have decades of optical experience that allow us to skillfully suggest RX lenses that will assure  optimum optical acuity and, most importantly, assure they complement the eyewear frame of choice. 

We are able to fill your RX by ordering your lenses and by taking the necessary measurements needed for your glasses.

Our Specialty is….being able to consult with you.  When will you wear these glasses?  Where will you wear them?  Are they for work, dress, casual?  Who will see you?  Are they your only pair? 

And of course these questions get answered in a normal conversation, not a line of fire questioning! It’s fun to discover what look we’re going for.

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