Personally speaking, I think being in this industry was my destiny.  My dad nicknamed me Winky when I was about two years old, and friends and family have always followed suit.  Come to think of it…I’ve got relatives that still aren’t quite sure of my birth name!

In 1992, while earning my degree in Psychology, I started working part time at Schatan Optical Gallery.  I was hired to answer phones and dust. Because of Mary Lou’s fabulousness, and her generosity in sharing her knowledge, I soon became interested in the whole world of ordering lenses, and the proper fit and proportion of frames, besides just the fashion side of it.


I just fell in love with glasses.  I love how they can change your look, your mood, your perceived status….I just love how glasses can help you express who YOU are. 

Glasses do more than help you see, they let YOU be seen.

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