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About Us

Schatan Optical Gallery was established in 1988, in Torrance, CA. The former beauty salon was first designed to double as an art gallery at night. The open cabinets on piano-like hinges, that displayed glasses during the day, would be closed at night, so that the art that hung on the walls would be on full display for the art parties that carried on in the later hours.

Then came time for the art to go, and even more eyewear to be displayed, mirrors and better lighting to be installed, all for the better to see, and to see yourself in a wonderful pair of glasses.

We have changed the interior decor over the years, the seating arrangements, the color of our carpet, even our logo and business cards, but our priority has always remained the same…to sell Exceptional Eyewear and give the best Personal Service.

Mary Lou, being in the optical industry over 46 years, and Winky working with her for over 22 years, have an amazing chemistry together. Many think that they are a mother/daughter team, and though not blood-related, they have long considered themselves family.

At first glance, you may think Winky, with her tattoos and colorful dress, is the outlandish one…but oh no! She is a preacher’s wife, mother of two young boys. Mary Lou, just slightly more conservative looking, is the risk-taker, and the great-idea maker, and the let’s-have-a-party!-thrower….They are a great team, and have a wonderful balance together…and together, they love glasses.

Mary Lou and Winky are willing and able to consult with you and discuss your prescription needs and your fashionable wants. They are here to help you make the right choice for you and your lifestyle, whatever that may be.

Call us on 310 378 3936 or email us here

Customer Testimonial From Yelp

5 star review of Schatan Optical Gallery on Yelp

Schatan Optical Gallery

October 8, 2015
5/5 stars

Quite simply put, Mary Lou and Winky both have the eyes of an artist. They use the exquisite, simple language of the artist in telling you what they see, in terms of how a frame looks on you...and they are honest. Their candor is an invaluable commodity, in my books (I, personally, want an expert to tell me if a frame I'm considering doesn't flatter me and why, or why they might prefer one over another). They're always kind in how they give their feedback, and you can feel that their desire, and what they take pride in, is sending clients out of the store looking their very best. Their taste is impeccable and their perspectives can be trusted...and ultimately, they leave the client to make the final choice. They understand that there is emotion and psychology involved in making the choice of what frame you will wear, and thus, they take that into account and are patient, never making a client feel pressured in any way. I so appreciate their skill, expertise and experience -- it's all worth its weight in gold. And they're great fun, too!