In 1968, I was asked if I would temporarily help out at the optical store next door to my husband’s shoe store. The receptionist was out on maternity leave, and they needed me to answer phones, etc.  So, I began working at Ballard Optical in Redondo Beach, CA, and because I was mechanically inclined, loved fashion, and a real people person….I was a natural.

In my 20 years employed there, I became an expert at dyeing lenses, purely for fashion’s sake. I would sell second and third pairs of glasses.... to one person. Glasses with prescription lenses, didn’t look like prescription lenses, they just looked great! Soon, customers were coming in asking for me by name. 


In 1988, I opened SCHATAN OPTICAL GALLERY, and I have continued honing my craft and expertise in designing lenses for my customers and also in customizing frames. 

What I like to do is show a customer 3 entirely different looks, and then elaborate on those looks.  It makes it easy if I relate it to cars….I’ll show them…

A sedan, a truck, and sports car….

And then I throw in a Rolls Royce too, just for the fun of it!

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