Exceptional Eyewear At Schatan Optical Gallery & Opticians


For those who recognize quality and appreciate personal service

We believe it takes more than just a great frame for your glasses to be considered exceptional.  It takes the combination of a quality frame and the expertise of the optician fitting you.

We pride ourselves on having good taste in glasses, and great advice on what you should be wearing and when you should be wearing them.  

Our inventory is unique, and so are we.

We are Registered Dispensing Opticians.  Mary Lou has over 50 years of optical experience, and Winky has over 27 years...that’s a lot of optical knowledge!  

We have worked a lot of years together, and you can see that a certain chemistry is evident in our weekly videos where we sometimes feature our new inventory, give eyewear tips, talk about great coatings that can help you see better, and lots of other interesting topics.  You can watch our video blogs here, on our website, and sign up our monthly newsletter and receive other store related news as well.  

We love glasses and we want you to love yours.

We have a quality control process from the selecting of the frames and lenses we choose to sell our customers, to checking the final measurement and fit when we dispense the finished pair of glasses to our customer.   

If we should receive a job from the lab that isn’t perfect, we send it back to be re-made before you see it.  If you aren’t happy with the finished product, for whatever reason, your doctor made an RX error, you wish you ordered the tint darker….we will send it back to be re-made.  We want you to love your glasses.

This isn’t your ordinary optical store.

We are Eyewear Consultants

We care, very much, about the whole package.  We’ll discuss your prescription needs, and try to explain what the finished product may look like for you.  Your eyes will be opened up to the possibilities of many pairs of glasses!  You will see what shapes and colors look great on you, and have a great time doing it.

We would love for our customers to feel pleased with their experience here….confident with their purchase, inspired, perhaps, if they took a chance with a new color, modern, if they updated their look…..unique, because they are.  And….leave here looking forward to getting our phone call that their glasses are ready for them to pick up!  

Call us on 310 378 3936 or email us here