Many people are conservative when it comes to color in their wardrobe, but especially when it comes to their glasses.  I don’t know how many of our customers have come in asking for “clear” frames…and they ask that because

1)  They’re not a fan of glasses…(at first)

2)  They don’t realize that by asking for a non-color, they are absolutely stripping away any good attention/focal point (eyes, eyebrows, eyelashes…)

By actually wearing a contrasting color around your eyes, you highlight them.  That’s why we wear makeup.  It brings the look up to your eye, it draws the attention there. 

Your face, your eyes, are the first thing people see when they look at you.  Give them that nice focal point to stop at and focus. 


 Other popular requests are black and tortoise colored frames.  Black can denote authority, while tortoise is a very professional or studious look.  Those colors can work on almost every person in the world…

But there are so many other colors in the rainbow!  There are great purples, and fantastic blues, and hot reds, and cool greens…..I am here to tell you that if you changed your thinking about glasses to the way you think about accessories, you would open up your world of color!

You could take a risk with color, because you’ve already got your black or tortoise pair…and you know you’ve always wanted a red pair!  Or now, try a rimless pair, and add some custom tint….how exciting!


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