Why on earth, would I possibly even consider owning more than one pair of prescription glasses?

Why so many glasses
  • If you need RX lenses to see, how could you possibly not?!
  • When something goes wrong with your one pair of glasses...(and it will), you will need a back up.
  • You probably have more than one pair of shoes...work, exercise, dress, comfortable, etc...don't you want more than one look for your face?  If you viewed your eyewear as an accessory for your face, you'd see how you can really change your whole look with just your glasses.
  • If you are out in the sun, you should have sunglasses.
  • If you golf, you should have golf glasses.
  • If you play music, you should have music glasses.
  • If you are on the computer, you should have computer glasses.
  • If you play tennis, you should have tennis glasses.
  • If you shoot, you should have shooting glasses.
  • If you swim, you should have swimming glasses.
  • If you knit, you should have knitting glasses.
  • If you do anything specialized, you should view your glasses as a tool, and get the proper tool to help you get the job done....period.
  • Come in to Schatan Optical Gallery and let us equip you with the proper tools.....

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