Why don't I LOVE my glasses?

Why don't I love my glasses.jpg

A lot of times, it's not even the FRAME, it's the LOOK.....

Is it because you cheaped out?  You didn't want to pay extra for the thinner lens or even more for that coating you're not even exactly sure what it's really supposed to do..

I get it.  You just wanted to see... and you didn't really want to pay a ton of money for something that you may view as a medical thing.  And if it's for an emergency pair, that's okay.  But if you only have one pair, they should be good....no, they should be great.

Think about it.  They sit on your face.  It's probably one of the first things that people see when they look at you...that's pretty important...besides you being able to see correctly out of them.

What we love to do here at Schatan Optical Gallery, is fit you with the right frame and lens for you and your lifestyle.  It can be a slight update to your look, or a major transformation, but our goal is to help you love your glasses!

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