Summer Sunglasses!

Winky and Mary Lou showcase some fun, some sporty, some elegant, and most importantly.....some for our men sunglasses!  Summer isn't over yet, and let's face it, we're in Southern CA, so we're just getting started!

Come in to Schatan Optical Gallery and try on something new for yourself!  Everyone needs more than one pair.....don'tchya know?

Oliver Goldsmith Sunglasses!

Winky and Mary Lou are here showcasing their new shipment of Oliver Goldsmith Sunglasses! Oliver Goldsmith sunglasses are some of the finest in the industry because of how well they are made and of their classic styling, for both men and women.

Come in to Schatan Optical Gallery.....check out our lovely new location.....and see for yourself!

Sunglasses for the Season....

Mary Lou and Winky discuss your sunglass needs when the season changes and the sun starts going down at a different time.  Glare can really effect your vision, even more so than brightness, and a mirrored lens can help you combat that quite nicely.

Come visit Schatan Optical Gallery and find out what else can make your like easier!

Porsche Design

Mary Lou and Winky are talking Porsche.....and we don't mean cars!  As much as Mary Lou does love cars, we're talking fabulous sunglasses and sporty ophthalmic frames too.  Men and women can wear these.....but there's enough to go around.  

The classic Porsche sunglass is made popular again, but come in to Schatan Optical Gallery to see what's new.....we'd love to see you!

Robert Marc Eyewear....

Mary Lou and Winky are showcasing Robert Marc is a fabulous line from New York, made in France, of course!  There are great ophthalmics and sunglasses for men and women, that are so high quality, you really have to feel them! We think they're so great, that we are going to have a party!  

Celebrating "L'Esprit: The Spirit of Paris" collection from Robert Marc...on Saturday, July 18th, 1pm-5pm...please RSVP:  310-378-3936.  This will be your opportunity to see the entire line of eyewear, enjoy light refreshments, and wonderful entertainment with French Toast! (French cafe music...with a twist!)