Progressive Lens

Varilux Physio W3+

Winky and Mary Lou sing the praises of their favorite progessive lens.....the Varilux Physio W3+! Yes, it does sound like a fast car, and it also sounds features the binocular booster! What it actually does best is give the wearer a smoother transition from distance to near, and it makes both eyes work better together.  

If you've never worn a progressive lens, but it's time.....or you are already a progressive lens wearer, come in to Schatan Optical Gallery....let us help you make the right choice for your next pair of glasses.

The Progressive Lens Experience....

Mary Lou and Winky are talking progressive lenses....and Winky got her very first pair!  She's all grown up now and joins the ranks with millions of multi-focal lens wearers.  Thankfully she had a wonderful experience gliding into her first pair....

Come into Schatan Optical Gallery and let us demonstrate how a progressive lens might work for you!

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