Leon Max

This Just in...New Leon Max!

Mary Lou and Winky showcase the newest from Leon Max...Special Edition, of course!  These plastic tortoise and black options are a great look for fall....or any other time of the year for that matter!  

Come in and check out the sophisticated and fashion forward looks for the coming season! Come and see us at Schatan Optical Gallery.....

Limited Edition.....Leon Max.

Winky and Mary Lou showcase their newest collection thus far.....Leon Max.  This is a special, Limited Edition collection, so of course, we had to have it!  They are plastic, black and tortoise, bold, and strong....and yet feminine.  Besides the look, what is also important for us, is the fit, and these plastic frames do fit.  This designer is also known for designing MAXSTUDIO clothing...which we're also a fan of.  

Come into the store and see for yourself!  It's always fun to play dress up....