Face a Face and Bocca Eyewear!

Winky and Mary Lou have fun talking about one of their favorite French lines of eyewear....Face a Face and Bocca.  While Face a Face celebrates their 20 year anniversary, Schatan Optical Gallery looks forward to hosting their trunk show featuring this "permanently fashionable" eyewear line.  "Face a Face is distinguishably French by its style and uncompromisingly international by its universal approach."  The fit is great, and the colors are even better!

Come in to Schatan Optical Gallery and see for yourself!  For those who recognize quality and appreciate personal service.....

New Jacques Durand Eyewear!

Winky and Mary Lou are showcasing some new arrivals to entice you this week!  Jacques Durand is one of their favorite French lines because of the classic shapes, but mostly, the great fit!  There are fabulous frames for both men and women, sunglasses and ophthalmic frames....

Come in to Schatan Optical Gallery and see these frames for yourself, or try on hundreds of others!

New Bocca and Lafont Eyewear!

Winky and Mary Lou are here playing with some of their colorful French faves.....Bocca and Lafont eyewear.  Some of their bestsellers arrived in new colors, and both have fabulous new sunglasses too!  

Come into Schatan Optical Gallery today to see yourself in a new pair!

Jacques Durand Eyewear.....

Mary Lou and Winky are back to talk about the talented, the French, Jacques Durand....!  We fell in love with the clean lines and the great fit of these simple frames....but this collection even has delectable fruity colors to choose from!  

They are so well made, and so well just have to come in and see for yourself!

Robert Marc Eyewear....

Mary Lou and Winky are showcasing Robert Marc is a fabulous line from New York, made in France, of course!  There are great ophthalmics and sunglasses for men and women, that are so high quality, you really have to feel them! We think they're so great, that we are going to have a party!  

Celebrating "L'Esprit: The Spirit of Paris" collection from Robert Marc...on Saturday, July 18th, 1pm-5pm...please RSVP:  310-378-3936.  This will be your opportunity to see the entire line of eyewear, enjoy light refreshments, and wonderful entertainment with French Toast! (French cafe music...with a twist!)


Mary Lou and Winky showcase their newest collection....the very French, very cool....Courreges!  Courreges is known for fashionable clothes, shoes, and accessories over the decades, and now Schatan has the latest in eyewear.  There are high fashion colorful sunglasses, and great colorful ophthalmic frames as well.  

Come into the Schatan Optical and try some fun on yourself!

Oh la la Lafont!

Mary Lou and Winky are very happy to show off their featured eyewear of the month.....Lafont Eyewear!  This French company is an expert with colors and detail.  From ophthalmics to sunglasses....and men's glasses and women's...Lafont has a lot to choose from.  They play so nicely with color, and have lovely combinations with plastic and metal...really a piece of art!

The best way to really see anything, is in come on in, and try something on!  It's more fun and less frustrating than trying on clothes I promise!  We'd love to see you....

Bocca Bocca Bocca!

Mary Lou and Winky are excited to show off Bocca!  A fabulous line of eyewear made in France by Face a Face, that have a very femininely cool feature.....each frame's temples are in the shape of a woman's legs wearing either high heels, ballet flats, or boots!

The frames are hand made, high in quality, color and style.  There are ophthalmic frames and sunglasses too.....but you really just gotta come in to check these out for yourself!