Schatan Optical's Locale Series: Our San Pedro Look

Winky and Mary Lou are highlighting the great city of San Pedro today! Named for St. Peter of Alexandria,Egypt, and grown by the fishing industry, then becoming the wonderful community it is today….we just love this town. San Pedro is diverse, has great restaurants, and is still changing and growing!

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To Match, or Not to Match Your Eyewear to Your Outfit.....

Winky and Mary Lou showcase some lovely eyewear that match the outfits and colors they’re wearing….much to Winky’s chagrin…who just loves to contrast the colors! Take a peek at the video, and see what matching color can do, and how different shapes can change the look!

Better yet….come in to Schatan Optical Gallery and see for yourself….do you like to match? Or contrast?

Petite Frames for Petite Faces!

Winky and Mary Lou are showcasing some of their unique, colorful, and fun frames for their petite clientele!  Petite frames are hard to find....and those who are looking, don't just want to wear a kid's frame.  Petite faces have special proportions and need special attention.....

Come in to Schatan Optical Gallery and see for yourself!