Schatan Optical's Locale Series: Our San Pedro Look

Winky and Mary Lou are highlighting the great city of San Pedro today! Named for St. Peter of Alexandria,Egypt, and grown by the fishing industry, then becoming the wonderful community it is today….we just love this town. San Pedro is diverse, has great restaurants, and is still changing and growing!

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Dressy Rimless Eyewear!

Winky and Mary Lou showcase some fabulous Rimless Eyewear that is dressy enough to go out for the holidays….but just cool enough to wear everyday!

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Sunglasses for the Summer!

Winky and Mary Lou showcase some great ideas for the summer!  Well, let's face it.....we're in Southern CA, so it's a great idea for sunglasses year 'round.

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Cool Frames with Rhinestones!

Winky and Mary Lou showcase some fun and funky frames that have rhinestones, and show that they're not your grandma's glasses anymore!  Today's rhinestoned frames can be worn as casual and funky, or elegant and's really up to you.  From ophthalmic frames for your clear lenses, to your cool sunglassses, you can wear stones, just about any time of the day or night.

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Giving Thanks!

Mary Lou and Winky give thanks for many things....including you!  Also, Mary Lou features a lovely Caviar frame that was a highlight from their last event.

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Schatan Summer Favorites!

Mary Lou and Winky showcase some of their favorite sunglasses for the season!  Some of Winky's include Lafont, Courreges, and Bocca....and they all include plenty of color, of course! And Mary Lou modeled a wardrobe of stylish, sporty, sophisticated frames...and always looks fabulous....Some of her faves included a special edition Caviar, a sporty men's Jaguar, and her very personal favorite, a sparkly Francis Klein frame.

There is so much to choose from.....come into Schatan Optical Gallery and see for yourself!

Limited Edition Frames

Mary Lou and Winky showcase a few of their unique and limited edition frames.  From the colorful sparkler like the Caviar frames, to the unique design of the Butterfly from Ovvo Optics...Schatan Optical Gallery loves to carry "special" frames.

We cater to people who like to stand out, who appreciate fine design, and who appreciate quality and personal service....come in to store to check these or any other of our unique frames out for yourself!