Catherine de' Medici

Talking Cataracts & Cataract Surgery!

Winky and Mary Lou are beginning a discussion about CATARACTS and CATARACT SURGERY. Hey…if we live long enough, which basically, that’s the goal…we’ll all get them at some point. If they get bad enough to require surgery….YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Come in to Schatan Optical Gallery and we can even help you decide which glasses to keep for after cataract surgery!

Get Ready for Summer!

Winky and Mary Lou want to help you get ready for summer in the easiest way possible…..with a fabulous pair of sunglasses! It sure beats bathing suit shopping!

Come in to Schatan Optical Gallery and see what’s best for you!

Schatan Optical's Locale Series: Our Palos Verdes Look

Winky and Mary Lou are starting a short series of videos that highlight different cities that their clients hail from. First stop…..Palos Verdes! This city was master-planned by the noted American landscape architect and planner Frederick Law Olmsted Jr. It’s located along the Southern California coastline, known for its great schools, beautiful homes, and some of the very best customers! Watch this video and see the different looks that are popular…

Come in to Schatan Optical Gallery and see them all….plus more for yourself!

Catherine de'Medici 1533 Eyewear!

Winky and Mary Lou are very pleased to unveil a new line of eyewear for Schatan Optical Gallery....Catherine de' Medici 1533.  This elegant line is classy, elegant, and very sophisticated.  There are both ophthalmic and sunglass styles to stock up on.....

So, come in to Schatan Optical Gallery and see which pair should be your next!