Don't Know What to Do With Your Old Glasses....?

Do you have a drawer full of glasses with your old prescription lenses, that are even too old for you to keep as a good back-up pair?  Or do you have RX glasses that you, or your kids, or your parents aren't wearing anymore, and you just don't know what to do with them?

Well....Mary Lou and Winky tell you what Schatan Optical Gallery does with the glasses that they accept as donations.  They'll tell you about VOSH/California....(Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity-California).  This organization was established in 1988 by four optometrists, who joined a network of OD's to provide eye care services to needy populations around the world.  Since the first trip to Costa Rica in 1989, VOSH/CA has conducted over 50 missions to 14 countries and provided services to over 300,000 patients.  They have donated medicine, equipment, supplies and services to countries in Central and South America and Asia.  Their objective is to improve people's vision so they can be more productive and enjoy a better quality of life.

So....the next time you come in to look for new glasses, feel free to drop off your old RX glasses, and rest assured that they will go to a great organization who will put them to good use!