How to Store Your Glasses to Get the Most Wear!

Winky and Mary Lou give helpful tips on ways to store your eyewear that organize your life and help make your fashionable selves get dressed easier!  

Come in to the new and improved Schatan Optical Gallery....and we can also add to eyewear wardrobe!

Late Thursday Nights in Hillside Village Festivities!

Now that our Late Thursday Nights in the Hillside Village are behind us.....please enjoy a lovely little video of Mary Lou spreading goodwill, and a little eggnog to our neighbors!

Happy Holidays from Schatan Optical Gallery!

New JF Rey & Boz Eyewear!

Winky and Mary Lou show off some new JF Rey & Boz Eyewear!  This line is one of their favorites because it's made well, it's full of color, style, and feels so good on....

Come in and check it out for yourself!  Schatan Optical Gallery is transforming daily.....see how we look now!


Holidays at Hillside Village

Mary Lou and Winky are giving you the inside scoop about Thursdays in December at the Hillside Village!  Schatan Optical Gallery will have extended store shopping hours on Thursdays in December for your holiday and gift-giving pleasure.  Other Hillside vendors will be participating as well, so it will be festive!

Come in to Schatan Optical Gallery, get yourself ready for the holiday parties!

Lafont Bestsellers!

Winky and Mary Lou are back at it....showcasing some of their faves....Lafont Eyewear!  Some of these are their bestsellers, and they show how the color can really change the look of the entire frame.

Come in to Schatan Optical Gallery and see all the beautiful eyewear in stock today!