Communication is So Important!

Mary Lou and Winky discuss the importance of communicating.....with your wife and loved ones it's important, but it's also very important with your eye doctors and opticians!  What do you mean when you say "reading" glasses?  Are you using the computer with those "readers"?  Well, to the doctor, that is all together a different calculation.  It's nice when the doctor has the time to talk and explain things, but sometimes that just doesn't happen.  

Come in to Schatan Optical Gallery and let us gather all the information for you and from you, and help you make the right choices....It's what we love to do!

To Keep, or Not to Keep....?

Have you ever wanted to update your prescription in your own frame, but not been quite sure if your frame is still in style?  Winky and Mary Lou discuss this very issue and have a little fun going through a stash of frames.....

They'll show you that Cartier glasses are always keepers!  Vintage Christian Dior and Christian La Croix are still quite lovely.....Laura Biagiotti sunglasses look brand new....and if you are 20 years old....you can wear anything!  But that's not news.

Still have doubts?  That's what the experts are for.....come in to Schatan Optical Gallery, and we will be able to answer all of your questions regarding your eyewear and your prescription....

Featuring.....Men's Glasses!

Finally!  The men are getting some attention here!  Mary Lou and Winky are featuring some of their favorite men's frames.....like the Porsche rimless.  They show you a glimpse of how they originally come in, and how they can modify the shape and size to fit you perfectly.

Some other favorites include a new JF Rey frame, for its khaki metal front with red plastic detail, and the metal Lafont frame, for the roundish, tortoise, bookkeeper look.  There are many other looks, of course....so you'll have to come in to see for yourself!


Eyecare Tips!


Winky and Mary Lou give some helpful tips about how- to, and the best tools to use in cleaning your glasses.  From microfiber cloths,  to regular ol' cotton cloths.....a soft touch is the best thing to have when it comes to treating your premium lenses right.

For the best cleaning....please come in for our ultra-sonic bath...we can clean your glasses, check the alignment of your frame, tighten any loose screws, and adjust your eyewear for you!

Limited Edition Frames

Mary Lou and Winky showcase a few of their unique and limited edition frames.  From the colorful sparkler like the Caviar frames, to the unique design of the Butterfly from Ovvo Optics...Schatan Optical Gallery loves to carry "special" frames.

We cater to people who like to stand out, who appreciate fine design, and who appreciate quality and personal service....come in to store to check these or any other of our unique frames out for yourself!



Winky's first video for Schatan Optical Gallery

Well!  Here it is!  Our first video blog.....please be kind....and yes, if you are already our customer, or at least have been in to the store, you may have noticed that this was filmed  in the bathroom!!!  Due to technical difficulties, and lack of proper microphones....I had no other choice.  But I promise, next time I will use a different filming location, and Mary Lou will be joining me on future videos!  We'll have some fun!

So.....stay tuned for future fabulousness!  And, as always....come in to the store and let us help you, look fabulous too!


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Why on earth, would I possibly even consider owning more than one pair of prescription glasses?

Why so many glasses
  • If you need RX lenses to see, how could you possibly not?!
  • When something goes wrong with your one pair of glasses...(and it will), you will need a back up.
  • You probably have more than one pair of shoes...work, exercise, dress, comfortable, etc...don't you want more than one look for your face?  If you viewed your eyewear as an accessory for your face, you'd see how you can really change your whole look with just your glasses.
  • If you are out in the sun, you should have sunglasses.
  • If you golf, you should have golf glasses.
  • If you play music, you should have music glasses.
  • If you are on the computer, you should have computer glasses.
  • If you play tennis, you should have tennis glasses.
  • If you shoot, you should have shooting glasses.
  • If you swim, you should have swimming glasses.
  • If you knit, you should have knitting glasses.
  • If you do anything specialized, you should view your glasses as a tool, and get the proper tool to help you get the job done....period.
  • Come in to Schatan Optical Gallery and let us equip you with the proper tools.....

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Why don't I LOVE my glasses?

Why don't I love my glasses.jpg

A lot of times, it's not even the FRAME, it's the LOOK.....

Is it because you cheaped out?  You didn't want to pay extra for the thinner lens or even more for that coating you're not even exactly sure what it's really supposed to do..

I get it.  You just wanted to see... and you didn't really want to pay a ton of money for something that you may view as a medical thing.  And if it's for an emergency pair, that's okay.  But if you only have one pair, they should be good....no, they should be great.

Think about it.  They sit on your face.  It's probably one of the first things that people see when they look at you...that's pretty important...besides you being able to see correctly out of them.

What we love to do here at Schatan Optical Gallery, is fit you with the right frame and lens for you and your lifestyle.  It can be a slight update to your look, or a major transformation, but our goal is to help you love your glasses!

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What size glasses should I wear?

Glasses are not like shoes or clothes...you don't go in a shop and ask "let me see everything in a size 8."

A nice frame should fit your face proportionately.  A small face can wear a large look, a larger face, can sport a smaller look... it just has to be the right proportion and the right fit.

There are really so many options....

Come in to Schatan Optical Gallery and see what you should be wearing.

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Why do some glasses cost so much and some so little?


I'm sure you've seen those offers of a complete pair of glasses for $49, and wondered, "Why did I pay over $100, or $200, or even $1000 for mine?"  What is the difference?

Well, you know the old saying, "You get what you pay for".  It's true.  There is so much that goes into making a pair of prescription glasses.

Assuming your glasses prescription is correct, you need a frame that fits you correctly.  You also need the optician to measure your fit for your future lenses correctly.  The lenses need to be ordered correctly.  They also need to be ground correctly.  When the job comes back from the lab, the glasses need to be checked to see if the prescription then checks out on the lensometer correctly.  And then once again, with the full prescription lenses inside the frame, the frame needs to be fitted to you, correctly.

So, if you got the $49 job...the lenses may not be the best quality, and  the frame may not look great and probably won't last a year.  The lab may have changed the shape of the lens a little because it was slightly off axis, so they had to re-edge one side, and they sit a little funny on your face...but hey!  You can see, right?  You just got what you paid for!

Your friend who paid $1000 for her new glasses...(gulp!) loves them and gets compliments everywhere she goes!  Her lenses are thinner and lighter than her previous pair, and somehow her eyes seem brighter!  She doesn't have any glare on her lenses and her frames not only fit her face, but also her lifestyle so well.  She no longer hates wearing her glasses, and is already thinking of her next pair....

She got what she paid for!