Talking Cataracts & Cataract Surgery!

Winky and Mary Lou are beginning a discussion about CATARACTS and CATARACT SURGERY. Hey…if we live long enough, which basically, that’s the goal…we’ll all get them at some point. If they get bad enough to require surgery….YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Come in to Schatan Optical Gallery and we can even help you decide which glasses to keep for after cataract surgery!

To Match, or Not to Match Your Eyewear to Your Outfit.....

Winky and Mary Lou showcase some lovely eyewear that match the outfits and colors they’re wearing….much to Winky’s chagrin…who just loves to contrast the colors! Take a peek at the video, and see what matching color can do, and how different shapes can change the look!

Better yet….come in to Schatan Optical Gallery and see for yourself….do you like to match? Or contrast?

Eyewear Consultants

Winky and Mary Lou are here to remind you that although fashionable frames are abundant in their optical shop, they are both Registered Spectacle Lens Dispensers, and that means quality prescription lenses are really their top priority.  

Come in to Schatan Optical Gallery.....and see for yourself! 

Gradient Polarized Lenses!

Winky and Mary Lou are here discussing some great lenses!  While Winky has been a lover of polarized lenses for some time...(because of their great visual acuity and how they combat reflected glare), Mary Lou was never a huge fan....until now!  Now, there are gradient tint options, and now, polarized lenses can look glamorous and special, and lovely, like never before......!

For those who recognize quality and appreciate personal service....come in to Schatan Optical Gallery!

Target Shooting for Women.....

Mary Lou gets to gush about one of her favorite sports and past shooting!  And boy, is she good!  She promotes gun safety, and always wearing the proper gear, of course!  Just like in any sport, you should have the right equipment, there are shooting glasses that can be made in any RX.

Come in to Schatan Optical Gallery and see how we are a little different than the rest....

Blue Light & Digital Eye Strain

Winky and Mary Lou are talking a little tech today!  Many of us are hours behind a computer, smartphone or tablet, watching an LED TV, or using fluorescent or LED lighting in our homes and offices....too much exposure can cause visual eye strain and fatigue.  There are lenses and coatings to help the eye strain you can feel.

Come in to Schatan Optical Gallery and let us help you figure out what it is you need!

Communication is So Important!

Mary Lou and Winky discuss the importance of communicating.....with your wife and loved ones it's important, but it's also very important with your eye doctors and opticians!  What do you mean when you say "reading" glasses?  Are you using the computer with those "readers"?  Well, to the doctor, that is all together a different calculation.  It's nice when the doctor has the time to talk and explain things, but sometimes that just doesn't happen.  

Come in to Schatan Optical Gallery and let us gather all the information for you and from you, and help you make the right choices....It's what we love to do!

Tip of the Month #1

Mary Lou and Winky are here to help!  Starting off the year right on time, right on schedule, and with their first  Tip of the Month.  And that is....when spray cleaning your lenses, with cloth and cleaner, do not neglect your nosepad and bridge area.  There can be a build up of skin oils and/or makeup that you can miss if you don't look for it.  But please watch the video for more info and shenanigans!

Truthfully, the best tip is always....come in to Schatan Optical Gallery.  We clean and adjust your glasses the absolute best!  We will also check any screws that may be loose, and align the frame, if necessary.

Sunglasses for the Season....

Mary Lou and Winky discuss your sunglass needs when the season changes and the sun starts going down at a different time.  Glare can really effect your vision, even more so than brightness, and a mirrored lens can help you combat that quite nicely.

Come visit Schatan Optical Gallery and find out what else can make your like easier!

The Progressive Lens Experience....

Mary Lou and Winky are talking progressive lenses....and Winky got her very first pair!  She's all grown up now and joins the ranks with millions of multi-focal lens wearers.  Thankfully she had a wonderful experience gliding into her first pair....

Come into Schatan Optical Gallery and let us demonstrate how a progressive lens might work for you!

Don't Wait....If it's not right!

Mary Lou and Winky discuss what to do if you aren't happy with your purchase of prescription glasses.....go back!  Discuss it with your Eyecare Professional and let them problem solve with you!  If you go back in a timely manner, many labs have warranties that will take care of everybody.  

At Schatan Optical Gallery, we believe the customer is always right...and if you're not happy, how can we be happy?  Come in to see us, let us be happy together!

Size Does NOT Matter.......

Mary Lou and Winky discuss frame shopping and how unimportant the size is....or at least....unimportant in the way you traditionally think!  Frame sizes aren't the same as shoe or dress sizes.  If you wear a size 8 shoe, you can conceivably go into any shoe store, ask for a size 8 shoe, and it should fit pretty well.  Not so, with glasses....With glasses, how it fits your bridge is key, the proportion on your whole face is very important, and where your eyes line up in the lens area is also crucial....there is so much to consider!  

Trust an eyewear professional to help you with what you need, and how you'd love to look! Come into Schatan Optical Gallery today!

Trust Your Own Style....

Winky is here to tell you that it's good to have your own style....and trust it....own it!  She shows some "before and after" pictures that she saw in a magazine, that she highly disagreed with.  The "before" was much better....but most people would read the headline and just assume that there was an improvement because it said so.  

If you like color, wear it....if you appreciate a certain shape, sport it....confidently wearing something is the most attractive thing you put on everyday....own it.

Come in to Schatan Optical Gallery....let's play with what your style is, or what it could be.

Making Your Glasses Look Remarkable!

How can you make great, quality frames look even better?  Mary Lou and Winky discuss and show you samples of what a great cosmetic tint and an anti-reflective coating can do for you...

Why look mediocre, when you can look fabulous.....come in and let's play!

Eyecare Tips!


Winky and Mary Lou give some helpful tips about how- to, and the best tools to use in cleaning your glasses.  From microfiber cloths,  to regular ol' cotton cloths.....a soft touch is the best thing to have when it comes to treating your premium lenses right.

For the best cleaning....please come in for our ultra-sonic bath...we can clean your glasses, check the alignment of your frame, tighten any loose screws, and adjust your eyewear for you!

Quick Tip for a Good Fit


Mary Lou is here to help! Here she is giving you a helpful tip about what to look for when you try on a pair of glasses....

Of course, if you want to be absolutely, positively sure...please come visit her, personally!  Not only will she help with the proper fit, she'll help you with the fashion as well.  We have a wonderful selection of eyewear to choose from.

Please come in to the store to let us help you look fabulous!