Why do some glasses cost so much and some so little?


I'm sure you've seen those offers of a complete pair of glasses for $49, and wondered, "Why did I pay over $100, or $200, or even $1000 for mine?"  What is the difference?

Well, you know the old saying, "You get what you pay for".  It's true.  There is so much that goes into making a pair of prescription glasses.

Assuming your glasses prescription is correct, you need a frame that fits you correctly.  You also need the optician to measure your fit for your future lenses correctly.  The lenses need to be ordered correctly.  They also need to be ground correctly.  When the job comes back from the lab, the glasses need to be checked to see if the prescription then checks out on the lensometer correctly.  And then once again, with the full prescription lenses inside the frame, the frame needs to be fitted to you, correctly.

So, if you got the $49 job...the lenses may not be the best quality, and  the frame may not look great and probably won't last a year.  The lab may have changed the shape of the lens a little because it was slightly off axis, so they had to re-edge one side, and they sit a little funny on your face...but hey!  You can see, right?  You just got what you paid for!

Your friend who paid $1000 for her new glasses...(gulp!) loves them and gets compliments everywhere she goes!  Her lenses are thinner and lighter than her previous pair, and somehow her eyes seem brighter!  She doesn't have any glare on her lenses and her frames not only fit her face, but also her lifestyle so well.  She no longer hates wearing her glasses, and is already thinking of her next pair....

She got what she paid for!